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We are called to pour ourselves out in acts of loving compassion for others.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Voila! We did it! That’s one small prayer for All Saints, one giant prayer for the universe! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that momentous, but it felt that way to some of us. We had our first service since March, in our church this past Sunday and plan to have our second service this Sunday at 9:30. (Zoom service continues at 11:00 A.M.) As we come together what stands out to me is what I deem the very essence of Christianity. We are called to pour ourselves out in acts of loving compassion for others.

This process has two elements. The self-emptying of our ego, so that we might be filled with a Spirit that sees and feels a connection with all people and the entire earth and indeed the entire cosmos. Who dares to pour oneself out, when one’s self, is the only thing you know that is you? The person of faith is the answer. That person who sees that his or her own ego is filled with defensive walls and strategies of protection, walls that limit and constrict. This same person is open to the idea of a better way, a way that was pioneered and perfected by Jesus. Secondly, as we let go of having things done our way, we more and more find ourselves being filled with the way of the Spirit, i.e. more sensitive, more connected, more hopeful, more loving, more forgiving, more empathic, etc. It is only when we pour ourselves out in this fashion, that we have the heart of love installed in us that seeks to heal the pain and alienation of others. In short, we become women and men for others!

So yes, we opened the church this past week, but we did so in order that we might step into a realm of grace. In our simple liturgy we are celebrating the transformation of human experience from ego/self-driven to a transformed place of spirit/other driven compassion. We hear the Christ calling us to emulate him and make him our model of desire, so that we might be transformed from creatures of fear into agents of a creative and healing love.

Yes, we did it, and we have to keep doing it, as this transformation is a lifelong process driven by faith and a real encounter with ourselves, others and our Creator.

Please feel specially invited to join us this Sunday Morning: 9:30 Holy Eucharist in our Church or at 11:00 Morning Prayer on Zoom. If you need help with Zoom, please feel free to call the Church office or write to us at

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