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During Covid-19 we are offering "Take-Out" bagged meals
Saturdays 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Meals to Go 

Contact Robin below to learn about our adjusted volunteer hours due to Covid 

Come feed the hungry and make new friends.

Every week All Saints Church organizes the Saturday Community Meal, which provides a nourishing, complete dinner to the homeless, the needy, and the lonely in our neighborhood. Up to 100 are our dinner guests every week. Cooking or serving is a grace-filled way for you to show love.

In the winter, our guests come in from the cold to enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal, along with fellowship, a friendly atmosphere, and often entertainment. Our Community Meals are lovingly served to seated guests, rather than our asking them to file through a serving line with plate outstretched. We often hear how welcome this simple touch makes our guests feel. It does mean your help is needed even more, though.

Volunteers are needed on Saturday afternoons throughout the year to set up (set tables, fold napkins, put out serving pieces, make coffee and iced tea–there’s a job to utilize everyone’s abilities), or in summer, to help fill bag suppers. Your help is needed, especially in the first set-up shift, beginning about 1:00. To help serve, come at 4:15. Winter clean-up is finished by 6:15pm.

During summer, the Community Meal is a nutritious brown bag supper. Volunteers make sandwiches beginning at 2, then guests are invited in from 4pm - 5pm to eat in the garden or Levy Hall, or to take out.

Volunteers always welcome! Contact Robin:

This program has been a blessing and joy to all volunteers. You decide how you’d like to participate.

Do you find yourself at a loss for ideas when it’s time to buy another birthday or Father’s Day gift? The cost of one Saturday’s meal is between $200 and $250. Wouldn’t your mother be proud for you to donate in her name, giving her the opportunity to feed the hungry the way she once lovingly fed you? It’s a beautiful way to memorialize someone.

Your names and the reason for your contribution (appreciation, a special commemoration, living memorial, birthday, etc.) will be listed in the Sunday bulletin, and if you like, a letter will be sent to those you are honoring.

Donations are welcome via email, phone or by

the Ap


please designate in the memo your donation is for a meal.

Thank you!

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