Like all churches, we struggle to apply the ancient truths to contemporary life and we struggle to refine our vision for what we should do next. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we do try to tolerate all the questions. We look to the scriptures and sacraments as having hope and meaning encoded within them and we accept the fact that not everyone sees things the way we do.


In our teaching, we take seriously Jesus’ teaching that "wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." From there we teach that every congregation is a full local manifestation of Christ’s body.  


Of course this is heady theology but it fills us with a sense of purpose, meaning and mission. That’s what we are in essence - but to the naked eye, we are just ordinary people participating in extraordinary ritual.  We are teachers, actors, bankers, retired, young and old, gay and straight, liberal and a little less liberal!


We are a community of people who are gradually learning to see the sacred in our everyday lives and gradually learning to forgive others as we have begun to experience forgiveness. We study the sacred masters, we welcome the seeker and the skeptic, we feed the homeless and we seek to find a new way of being human in our personal, public and political lives.

"We believe that God loves you - no exceptions."


All Saints’ rector since 1993, 
Dr. Steven Jay Yagerman is a graduate
of the University of Florida.



We have temporarily hidden our calendar as we are not offering events due to Covid-19.

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