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The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany; the reign of God and the reign of self

We are told in scripture that there is a kingdom or reign of God. But we also must be aware that there is a kingdom or reign of each and every one of us: a kingdom of Steve, a Queendom of Diane, a reign of Tom and a realm of Nancy, etc.In each of our realms we have our departments of defense, our secretaries of the interior and our secretary of the treasury and of course education and Secretary of State. We each have our sentinels looking for intruders and our department of Homeland Security and other departments for Health and Human services as well as education and Management of Finance and Offices of Management and Budget.

And so it is: we wake up in the morning and prepare for internal and external operations. We assess threats and make alliances and so on and so forth. But where is the Kingdom of God in all of this? Where is the voice and presence of the one who animates and illuminates the universe?

It is only through the relinquishing of our personal realms of control and influence, i.e. our personal Kingdoms and Queendoms, that we can begin to participate in the infinite realm of delight and awe where we participate in the great banquet of life. Many of us come to that after realizing personal, emotional and spiritual bankruptcy. Others of us come to it from a sudden epiphany of love, while still others find it after a very long and deliberate search for the truth, the larger truth. However we get there, the gospel is that it is all there - and here waiting for us. 


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