• Rev. Dr. Steven Yagerman

September 15, 2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

With the help of our Wisdom Year Seminarian, Heather Sisk, we are starting to try new things at All Saints. This weekly newsletter is one of them.  

Some of this energy also derives from our new mission statement, (that we all worked on) that is helping to provide both focus and motivation to move forward together as a living congregation.

As we begin a new fall season, we plan to keep trying to create opportunities for connection with the community. For instance, we have formed working relationships with two different Buddhist organizations recently located across the street. One has collaborated in helping us this summer with our community meal and the other with bringing events like the “sound bath” to All Saints.  We are opening the church for weekday visitors with occasional concerts from our organist Jim Hopkins.  

On September 1st, The Rev. Megan Sanders moved into our apartment above the church offices and will be acting as priest associate to our congregation. Her biography can be found on our page “What’s New.” 

At the same time as new things are emerging, our community meal continues another season of feeding the hungry each Saturday afternoon with the dedicated work of parishioners and concerned neighbors volunteering their valuable time each week.  

In a few weeks we will once again collaborate with the United Nations to host a charitable music event to raise funds for relief efforts in the Bahamas following The devastation of Hurricane Dorian.  

The choir school is starting practices again this week and our dedicated choir returns in a couple weeks.  

We have formed good relations with The Rev. Dr. Rose Richards, who has taken services this summer and will be working with our congregation in the weeks ahead as part of her graduate training at General Seminary.  We have other classes in spirituality in the works and look forward to more ideas coming to fruition in the days ahead.  

I am excited by the sense that God is busy making all things new again here at All Saints.


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