• Rev. Dr. Steven Yagerman

December 29, 2019

Dear Friends and Parishioners:

Another Christmas has come and gone, except that we know that there are 12 days of Christmas. As we know important events have staying power. There is time set aside to feel the reverberations of change in our lives. How will we go on? How will we move forward?

The answer depends on whether we have faith to move forward into the unknown, accepting change or we simply do our best to re-establish the status quo. There is always a gravitational pull to return to the familiar. It seems we can tolerate only so much change. But the model of faith is Abraham who followed this spiritual call to journey into an uncharted future. This Christmas, we have heard the angels from on high. We have peered into the eyes of the beautiful child that most reject. We have heard rumors of the exotic wise sojourners and we have a choice.

Shall we use this time of comfort and joy to stay the same or shall we consider it a call to move by faith into a new way of being human. This might sound grandiose, but in fact this momentous decision stands behind every thought and step we take, including the first step. The rest is a consistent prayer for strength, perseverance, courage and love. Let us relish this season following the birth of the Christ child!


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