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As we worship we seek to find, enable and sustain that same Holy and Life-Giving Spirit within us.

In the Church, we celebrate the same spirit Jesus manifested in his life and has manifested itself in countless and sundry ways throughout the ages. As we worship we seek to find, enable and sustain that same Holy and Life-Giving Spirit within us.

It gives me great comfort to know that as a sign of healing, we will return to our place of worship this Sunday. We will begin small and cautiously (see our pamphlet arriving by email and by post), and we will maintain our (now) regular Zoom worship too. It has been so inspiring to see that the spiritual quest has continued even as we have been constrained to meet remotely through our computers screens. 

We are in the place theologians speak of as ‘the already but not yet.’  We are already celebrating new life and deliverance, but we know it is only a foretaste of the full redemption to come. We already are feeling safer, but we know the battle is not over and that there could be setbacks along the way. We already know that the promise of salvation has given us hope to make it through these difficult days, but we are still living in the midst of a pandemic of body and soul. 

Whether you choose to worship this Sunday at home (Morning Prayer on Zoom at 11:00 am) or with us at All Saints (9:30 am Eucharist), please know that in worship we not only see and admire the ancient prophets, saints and martyrs, but in fact in so doing, we are calling upon the same Spirit to inspire us to become agents of the Holy One in small (personal) and large (social) ways in our own day.

We are people of hope, people who call out injustice and people who proactively practice forgiveness, peace, lovingkindness and compassion.  Our worship is designed to remind us of this calling and inspire us to keep walking in the ways of Christ.

Please join us this Sunday Morning: Masked at 9:30 All Saints and again at 11:00 on Zoom).

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