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All Saints’ morning service the first Sunday of each summer month is often an Agape service. The Agape Eucharist takes the form of a shared meal around a table at the front of the church, reminiscent of the Last Supper. In place of a traditional sermon, congregants informally discuss scriptures of the day. Occasionally during the year an 8pm evening service (Compline) has been held.


All Saints’ adult choir is a core of professional singers enhanced by skilled parishioners. Levy Choir School choristers in addition to their other musical activities sing monthly with the adult choir. The Choir School serves children of elementary and middle school ages.

Our staff alto is the lovely award-winning Bulgarian singer Marta Kukularova, also an accomplished harpist (with performance diploma after 9 years’ study) and pianist (15 years’ study). She has a masters degree from Juilliard and has performed in Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Russian.



Our sister parish in London: St. Clement (spring photo), and historic St. James’ Church Norlands (winter photo), together serve a parish covering the neighborhoods of Notting Dale, Notting Hill, North Kensington, and Holland Park. Visit their website and a wikipedia entry to learn more about them. 


Fr. Alan Everett, vicar for six years, has invited us to visit when in London. One All Saints parishioner attending St. Clement’s service in February was gratified to hear our parish named specifically during the Prayers of the People, and after the service, she enjoyed a delicious lunch with the vicar and his wife and daughters before flying back to New York. 



November 2017: At the All Saints Day service, after Nicholas White’s composition, “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” accompanied by a jazz trio, the Bishop said she was “thrilled” by the choristers’ performance, and she gave a special blessing for them. 

October 22, 2017: The choristers were accompanied by oboist Jason Smoller as they sang The Lord Is My Shepherd from Rutter’s Requiem, and Prayer Litany by Helen Kemp.

October 4, 2017: The choristers sang for Blessing of the Animals on the front steps of the Church. A hundred came, bringing pets or just a photo of furry or feathered or finned friends. We had a pot luck supper afterward.

June 4, 2017: Special Music Sunday, when choristers' awards were presented. This first year was such a success that a new junior group was formed, and these Junior Choristers were heard for the first time at the premiere of the new musical composed by All Saints staff musician Dr. Faye Chiao, The Never Summer Meadow.

Here is a retrospective of the Levy Choir School’s first year:

May 21 was the musical premiere. On May 7, the Choristers sang John Rutter’s Give Me Wings. In the April 2 service, they sang Renaissance composer Steffani’s Come Ye Children. Their February 12 Communion anthem was Philip Moore’s Our Lady and Child, and before that service, Rei played a Bach prelude.


January 29, 2017: The Choristers sang twice in the morning and again at 7pm in a benefit concert sponsored by the UN Staff Relief Committee for Syrian Refugees on the 5th Sunday of January, with the UN Chamber Music Society.

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